Apostle Elijah Olopade

Christianity through the years fell into a shadow of itself as a result of men who rose to an understanding that is not consistent with the paradigm of the true state of Christianity. For men have began to see it as a religion of which it’s true nature rose to negate the power of religion. 

We have seen ideologies, perceptions rise from the depths of cultural believes, we’ve seen it’s power limited by the limitations given by men. 

This could have happened because the power of Christianity became its greatest weakness. The power of Christianity is that it is a life, affording is the power of will. This has resulted me no to abuse, and thereby making meaning, laws, rules, beyond the heart of God. Even Moses had to fall into this before Christianity came. Jesus said Moses have the law because of men. But Christianity came to abolish that facet, how that in abolishing it, we are no longer guided by our limitations, because the law came because of our present state and limitations, but that in walking into the life of Christ which is the true state of Christianity, we rise. 

We fell this deep when men started giving their lives to Christ!
Christianity is perceived as a religion because religion in itself is man trying to meet up to a standard of a higher law. But Christianity isn’t man trying to become, but that the moment you choose this life, you have become, and that all you do is grow not become. 


When you understand that it is not what you do that makes you who you are, for that is the righteousness of the Pharisees which we must exceed, when you know that you are not trying to hang on to God, but that you are already in Him, when you know that it is not your works, but Jesus finished works, then can the body of Christ rise beyond the nominal understanding of Christianity

Culture, perceptions, believes, will be laid down when we know that the life we now live, we live by the faith of God.