Have you ever wondered why God created realms? Why He chose to provide laws, principles to govern the activities of both realms? The Christian walk, according to its original paradigm, the stated blueprint designed was made to transcend both realms. The account of Mark 9 (Transfiguration) revealed to us that men have the capacity and ability to not just exist, but manifest in both realms. The God life preached to many is that they give their lives to a higher life. This has limited our understanding, operation, and dimensions we are meant to operate in. 

Christianity didn’t come so we give our lives; that would water down its potency. No man can walk efficiently in Grace and Glory whilst giving his life. That was the old covenant, and Christ did that already. We are then to lay down our lives, and receive a higher life (Zoe). 

Apostle Elijah Olopade

This is why we have a lot of errors in the body, because we gave our lives, so we live by the limitations that life affords us. Limitations that allow us to see Skepticism as discernment, predictions as the prophetic, oratory as utterance and so on.

There is a life that was once manifested. A life that men once walked in. Men like Paul in Galatians 2:20, Acts 19:11; men like John in 1John. Recognizing that the life they live now, knowing that as He is, so are we; the day you understanding that you are laying down yours to receive a life, you receive a possibility of existing in both realms. 

God designed man to rule over this realm, but enabled us to transcend both, and so the spiritual realm can super impose itself over this realm. Which means a man can live above the limitations, laws principles of this realm. A man can choose to walk with the principles and laws that govern the spiritual realm and completely ignore the laws of this realm. This is the mystery behind levitating, translocation, bi-location, and so on. 

First time I levitated was whilst I was an undergraduate, I didn’t understand what this operation was, and it wasn’t international, but as I grew I came to see that the life I live now is that which affords me the possibility of operating beyond the laws of this realm. By this I was able to bi-locate, levitate, strange operations of Grace, encounters I can’t reveal yet. 

So when you hear of men who levitated, trans-located with everyone around him, walked on water, made materials levitate among other supernatural miracles, you know biblical records are not mere stories.

There is an error in the body. That we now fight the power of God and it’s possibilities. We have forgotten that the path of the righteous should shine brighter, that eyes have not seen nor heard, that we can do exceedingly above. How that the first response point to a believer seeing a man walk in Grace that he is false or fetish, this is what skeptics do and not discerning. 

The Christian walk is embedded in TRUTH, but religion is embedded in FACTS. 

There is a cry in the heavens for men who will rise to a stature yet unseen. Enough of us reading the exploits, it’s time to manifest those exploits. Ever wondered why we are not experiencing strange dimensions in this days and times, that we pride ourselves in falling down under power, in people using lots of English in their teachings (which is good), but this can’t be it. 

The error before us; that believers do not know who truly they are. The error before us; that Christians live below RADAH (dominion) delivered to them. The error before us; that has allowed the body loose spheres of Glory and Grace. The error before us; where darkness now coexist with light. For We will rise, and we shall make the crooked path straight.