Unlike many adolescents, whilst I was still young, I had an edge been in the dark. The night seemed to me as a different world.  There seems to be a life encapsulated in the night time.
apostle elijah olopade
Genesis 1:2 spoke of a world that existed solely in this dark midst. Darkness was upon the face of the deep, speaking of its tangibility (Exodus 15:21). For darkness as we have taught it to be is not a time. The night time doesn’t usher in the dark, the dark ushers in the night time. For before time existed in this realm, darkness and light existed.
Genesis 1:2-5.

God created time in verse 5 of that chapter, meaning light and darkness is older than time itself. With this we know that darkness and light does not obey the order or law of time. It is therefore darkness and light that defines the day/night (Genesis 1:18).

For there seems to be an unusual activity in the night time compared to the day time. There is a mystery about light and darkness, why certain demons and angels choose to operate in this realm.
I sought this and found that the the night time which is ushered in by darkness comes with a heightened level of spiritual activity.

Exodus 14:20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

I wondered how light Himself (God), could exist in the presence of darkness and hover over it. But I found out in Psalms 18:11 that God made darkness His secret place. Could it then be that darkness isn’t the absence of light?

The Holy Spirit then told me that: Darkness is not the absence of light but the prove of the existence of light.

I then have found out that this world came out of darkness, for the light created in Genesis came out of the dark , all you see emerged from the dark, and as such is responsible for the unusual activity in the night time.

The unseen realm as it is called, is more real than this realm. All you see around you is a mirage of its original state. Part of the mystery of darkness is that it gives us a peep into the true reflection, appearance of this realm. How that encounters are more prominent in the dark, prayers soars in the dark. Why because the dark ushers in the possibilities existing in the spiritual realm, and makes them possible in this realm. Is it then that the day doesn’t hold this same possibilities? No, there is another phase of reality held by the light (day). For they were made to rule two different timelines, realms. Of which I would unveil in another series.

This is why it was possible for Moses in Exodus 10:21-22 to cause darkness in the day; for men like Joshua to cause the light to stay longer deciding the longetivity of the day. There is a reality yet unknown and in this series I will unveil some in this series and in October night of Encounters, and a bit more for sons.

“The unseen is more real than the seen”.