All through social media platforms, all through campuses, local churches, gatherings, and various form of meetings, there are different empowerment programs organized through the spheres of civilization. A lot of believers are been bombarded with messages or teachings, seminars and activities are going on daily, prayer sessions that are meant to supposedly install, impart, or even activate “dimensions” in people. 

Of all this activities, we are meant to see this intensity build up a pink slip or build a body that can run through the face of society and proclaim a life that can’t be ignored. But it is visible that activities and programs are increasing daily, and the impact of the church (you) or body of Christ is decreasing daily. 

apostle elijah olopade

There was something about Jesus and the impact he had on earth, there seemed to be a system he operated with that I found in the disciples and Paul after He left earth, that I found in few fathers. There was a pattern Jesus operated with and in, there was a paradigm He obeyed. Jesus said, whatever I see my father do! I have meditated on this words Jesus spoke and believe me, I found out that embedded in these words was the secret behind Jesus’s ministry and the level of impact He had whilst on earth. That three and the half years of ministry can silence centuries of the prophetic ministry at that time. 

I have seen a strange level of impact in men who have obeyed such, not so much fame, but that their presence in a city, their existence in a sphere can rattle the governing authority, men who have stood as custodians of realms, men who have stood as judges and deciders of the affairs that run through in their territory. There was something they discovered, these men didn’t need programs, they didn’t have a place of gathering. They would enter a city, and a lifetime after, there would still be a recurring impact of their presence that stepped in that land. Jesus till today is still voiced around, not because He is God, but because He is a man who manifested God, and till today the earth knows and feels that impact. Men like Papa Babalola, Papa Babajide Olulana, who have stood as custodians and become the move of God. Jesus did not have a church, unlike the mass increase today, there were no stipulated programs; unlike today, these men moved as they saw the cloud lifted from the tent. 

I found their secret in the place of meditation.

In the days of Moses, he revealed the secret that Jess made clear when He said What I see my father do; bible speaking said the whole camp of Israel moved as the cloud lifted from the tent, their ordinances were coordinated by God. 

If you can get this, you will see your ministry, life take a turn beyond your wildest dreams. Jesus never made a move outside that which He had seen the father do. The Holy Spirit told me that:

Your ability to continuously follow the cloud when it lifts, lifts you. 

It’s not so much how many empowering programs you have been to, or the ones you are organizing; if you can, if the body of Christ can follow solely that which the Father reveals the errors which we walk in would be fixed, and impact felt. 

Dear men of God, run the race set before you, not the race you set before you. An era is not defined by what the multitude is doing, by what many ministries are doing, but what God is doing.