Paul once made a prophetic statement how that all will come into unity, uniformity of truths been dispensed, ideologies held, that all will come into believing one thing. Through generations past, there seems to be back-date on this word. As time goes by, we witness a greater diversity in the body, more and more there seems to be different so called revelations been dispensed, various forms of teachings and doctrines been upheld. 

And so we find a people built up in error, been confident in adulterated teachings, unwilling and inflexible. Listen to me, one of the trait of a man who has been broken is that he becomes truly flexible, because a broken man is such that knows that there is no limit to the knowledge of the things of the Spirit. 

A lot of ministries have tied down a lot of believers, having this “my member syndrome”, unwilling to grow. Bible says they are new every morning, stating that the truth that was revealed yesterday, is not sufficient for today or tomorrow. 

Listen to me, as a believer learn to grow, your growth rate is also a product of your flexibility to the things of God, not to open your spirit to strange teachings, but to know that what you have as a revelation is not all that there is. 

As a body, when we see this truth, it becomes easier and possible to come into oneness. As a minister, or pastor, shy away from this “my-member-syndrome” and focus on bringing men into new life. You cannot impact your generation whilst focused on strange facts. 

We then cannot stand to speak against truths our fathers revealed and upheld because in their light we did see light, but in humility we can bring men the unity of the true light. 

We will press into the nature of Grace, and see the body of Christ come into alignment with the paradigm laid down by God.