There is no one destined for anyone . Howbeit there is a possibility for God to reveal to you a particular person but this is dependent on your relationship with God.
God can tell you his name is segun he is a prophet in ondo ,But that God does that for you doesn't mean it's like that or it would be like that for everyone. To this end you must know that .There is no particular person for you, but there is a KIND of person for you.
Through scriptures we see different kind of marriages and so we can't draw life and doctrine from such, But from the precepts laid down by the Spirit Himself.
How can a man who doesn't love God love you. The excellency of your relationship with God is directly proportional to the excellency of your relationship with man

1. If the person is not God loving, Kingdom minded, a truly born again to guess blowing Christian, FLEE.
He doesn't need to be a pastor but must be serving the Lord in one way or the other.
Let me reveal this, the way a man or woman treats you is the way he treats his relationship with God*
If he doesn't love God he won't be broken enough to accept your strengths and faults.

2. He must have a clear vision he is pursuing. For ladies  especially, don't marry GOD WILL DO IT! he might not have all now, but at least he should have a place he is going.
Marry VISIONS AND MISSIONS. After all the peripherals and excitement of marriage wears off, your friend is who you will be with oh

3. Marry your FRIEND
This is a critical point many fail to adhere to. Listen to me, a man who doesn't have a place he is going will take you no where.
Although many say sex life wears off during marriage, well I disagree. 
Note: It is a choice to let your sex life wear off in marriage. As for me I choose to have a blissful sexual life till God calls me home. These are things you agree with a friend. 
Listen to me. If you meet him on the basis of marriage alone, pretence will be inevitable which will lead to deception of character and this is injurious to a healthy marital home.

4. The Person must have a Financial plan.

Not necessarily having all the money, but he should be financially active and have a plan
Don't marry a man who says God will provide. God has provided sense already, let him receive it. A man who doesn't have a financial vision and plan, there will be issues oh. If you think you love him as a lady, wait till he doesn't provide fees for your children. He might not have all the money you need, but at least you see that he is hardworking and active. Also ladies, don't marry your way out of poverty. Don't plan to be a liability. 
Ladies, Have a plan. Don't wait for a relationship, start doing something now. Trust me the guy will respect you more when you are doing something. He's your guy so you have access to his wealth, but he will honour and respect you more when he knows you are doing it only to *"yosi lorun"* and not as a necessity.

5. Do you love him enough to spend the rest of your life with him. Now you must be careful with this. 
Don't be under pressure to marry anyone. Be sure you love him enough to see a future with him. Love by words like you've heard is not enough in marriage. Because a lot is made up in it. In love you have tolerance, patience, the fruits of the Spirit. And so you must see it through that you love the guy enough.

6. Are you attracted to him or her
Let's people say I'm carnal, the truth is that if the person you want to be with has no sex appeal to you, or you are not attracted to the person,  sir/ma there is wahala. Don't be too spiritual to the point that you don't recognize that it's not a spirit you will marry. Although he/she is a Spirit but it's a human being you will live with. God knows you want a lady who is Lepa with a well shaped body, good backside, medium front. God knows. He lived as a man and understands your desires. This isn't carnal it's been truthful.
Brothers I'm begging you, please be sensitive and romantic not sensually but learn to send text that will blow her mind
Not only scriptures, at times tell her she looks good, use Songs of Solomon

7. Understand the persons spiritual background

Don't go rushing into marriage when both of you are not of the same like minds. It's easier for a lady, cause she can concur to a guy provided he is or a standard and proven spiritual background. We have different denominations and religions. But like Amos 3:3 says, you. Other must be agreed. Not agree but agreed.
Ladies fall for this a lot. Saying he will change, listen he will not. If you both don't have a unity of faith, run. 
Then the number 1 point I gave must be considered

8. Take note of signs in courtship
What a guy or lady exhibit in courtship is amplified In marriage. Take note of signs and deal with them. If he/she doesn't change, run oh.

9. Is he a priest, father, husband; is she a priestess, mother, wife. Understand that these are not titles but are different people. 
As God is explained in Trinity so is man able to multi task  
So he should be a husband to you, a father to you and your kids, and a priest in his home. 
She should be a wife to you, a mother to you and the kids and a priestess who supports you the priest

If you follow this 9 points, you won't be confused with either he or she is for you or not.

Olopade Elijah