I believe that the in the days to come the very Spirit of Revelation will find expression beyond the body of Christ and be made manifest in all hearts across denominations, religions, territories; and that as Apostle Paul said we will all come into the unification of Faith. And the agency at which these words will come to be is by the very Spirit of Revelation, that His operations restructures the paradigm and default system and design the so called messages the body of Christ has been founded upon, that men will lay down the strongholds they’ve built as fences, and that we all will see through the only prescribed vista of the heavens which is the very Spirit of Truth. 

And so In an attempt to bring these realities to be, that this possibilities become reachable and manifest in all believers across the spheres of civilization and religion I write these patterned and seasoned words to the body. As I seek to bring to light hidden truths, mysteries yet Unchartered and unveiled.
I pray that the very presence laid upon you as you read this write up brings to your Spirit the very conviction that released the inspiration to write this, that Ruach Hakedosh takes over your mindset and sets your mind on the path of truth. 

I have attended by privilege many meetings, concerts, worship meetings, and I see the messages communicated via this meetings, and the manner at which people receive these words and supposed revelations in all openess, and the sincerity as to which the ministers deliver these messages, and while understanding and giving Glory to God for the access they’ve been privileged to have to communicate those realities, we cannot dwell on those depths, for there is more; and while in their light we see light, we must dive deeper. 
This is the weight of burden given to us to deliver seasoned truths. 
Ron Igho I desire to restructure the very teaching of how men can pray amiss but not worship amiss, which is a widely spread phenomenon that has become the foundation of many teachings and spiritual lives of many believers. This is because the very understanding of prayer has been confined to supplication; for if the body of Christ truly understands worship, then such teachings will be reversed. While there is a possibility that a man can make supplications that are not in the present agenda of the Spirit, or not in alignment with the move of the Spirit at the present time, we must understand that a man who truly prays cannot pray amiss. For PRAYER IS AN ART THAT FINDS EXPRESSION IN WORSHIP. For it is the very Spirit that prays with groaning, beyond what memorized tongues can afford you, for this point is not achieved by men who VISIT the secret place, this realm is made available to men that wait, for this realm of prayer is not that which is PERIODIC but CONSISTENT, a life beyond SCHEDULE, for scriptures said pray without ceasing; how can men achieve this, for mans schedule is weighty, how then? 
This is because the kind of prayer spoken of here is not that which the body of Christ is accustomed to; but that which broods in the spirit of man. How then can we pray amiss. PRAYER IS NOT AN ACT BUT AN ART. If men cannot worship amiss then praying amiss isn’t possible. For what is worship without prayer. PRAYER IS EXPRESSING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SPIRIT, and WORSHIP IS THE VERY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SPIRIT, hence  prayer is the expression of worship. 

This is it; you can’t fully enjoy the glory and joy embedded in prayer whilst such light has not been revealed to you. This is why the prayer life of many are failing and boring, cause they have been taught that prayer is all tongues and supplication, and to that time is a determinant of their growth process in prayers. But listen to me, if you still pray with time you are still a babe in the Spirit. Prayer is a sacred art made manifest in the realms of timelessness/eternity, this is why men like Apostle Babalola can pray over a meal for 3 days and it seems as though it was 30 minutes, why cause prayer is one of the prescribed gate of the spirit that allows the true nature of a man (spirit) find expression with His maker (Spirit), and so we know that the more we pray the more we come alive to our nature (spirit), and then the supernatural is made possible in this realm. And so time is not a factor to measure your growth in prayers. The only prescribed means to measure your prayer life is that which Jesus revealed. And that factor is how much of a spirit have you become. How much of God do you have, as a reason of the encounters brooding from your alter. Prayer is a gate in the Spirit such as when men pray atmospheres are altered, and spiritual encounters made possible. What result has your alter produced. Learn never to compare and measure your prayer life with another. Prayer is THE EXPRESSION OF A RELATIONSHIP, and so how well your prayer life grows, and how beautiful it becomes is strictly dependent on your relationship (Worship), with the Holy Spirit.  
You will see results in prayers when your alter is actively effective and effectively active. 
And so Men DO NOT pray amiss, and worship amiss.
On the strength of the life communicated to your Spirit, May your prayer life truly become beautiful, that on the weight of the Glory revealed to your Spirit via these write up, you will become strong and mount up with wings like an eagle. We are a people lifted by Grace, we are WhenGraceSpeaks.