Prophecies are God's system through which men can exert dominion. The very Spirit of prophecy manifest beyond time. We can by this reality decide the past, present and future. The words released are for the body of Christ, and men at large to pray and profit withal.

2021 Prophecies - Apostle Elijah Olopade

The year 2021 unlike many believe would be a Year of Refreshing.

1. I saw increase in the prices of food. This was because of scarcity of food from the north to south in Nigeria.

2. I saw the United State proposing a treaty to North Korea and Iran over elimination of nuclear weapons.

3. I saw a crash of a popular politician while travelling (Name Withheld). Pray!

4. Pray, I saw heavy streams of attack on the body, against principles held and then I saw law makers trying to interfere with church financial flow. This will mark a coronation into a stream of attacks on church leaders and Christian organisations will be used against the body.

5. I saw in April 2021 and then I saw 3rd week around 21st, America working with the European Union again. I then saw 23rd. This was around Mid year. I saw like a summit on climate deterioration. This was the top 5 European countries alarming about climate disasters.

6. I saw a strange increase in natural disasters especially land slides, even in Africa. I saw dates in which they would happen, but pray because this started after strange increase in water levels leading to floods and weakinging of the soil. 

7. Pray, I saw a popular Christian figure moving on. I saw 1 and 7 and I saw from January been hospitalised and discharged, but if we don't pray, I saw He moved on.

8. I saw reforms in schools in America. This was like a structure that came up similar to what the United kingdom did in late 2020.

9. Pray, I saw a failed nuclear test. This then led to a push by America to countries of nuclear weapons, but I saw North Korea walking away.

10. Pray for the health of the ruler of North Korea. I saw him breathing hard. I saw his lungs weakened on what looks like the 11th.

11. God is preparing men in this year, strange and heightened depths of coronation will be happening across the body.

12. I saw truths emanating from the genesis of corona. Pray.

13. I saw what seemed like an alarm against a related strain of viral activity of COVID, it was spoken of like another virus that is more violent (details witheld). Pray!

14. I saw what seemed like a wave of misuse of power from government officials across Africa, and the Lord told me He would be judging them.

15. South Africa should pray against the death of a popular political figure. This was  early into the year. In fact the ailment started January 10th, but if they can pray it would be announced as a bed rest. This was an age around 70's. I saw him using a round convex lens, pray.

16. I saw Papa Shepherd Bushiri giving a remark of early victory. Pray against another prosecution, but this is for his upliftment.

17. The Lord showed me an international visit from a world leader into Nigeria.

18. If you can buy rice, do so. I saw a shortening of food supply. I saw farmers been threatened, and then I saw other farmers complaining of produce. Others were unable to access their farms, and the ground was harder, with less water in the soil, this first led to shortening of supply and ultimately an increase in certain food supplies. Pray.

19. The Naira will fall at the early days of the year, but will return again after the president confirms another amount been borrowed (country name witheld). Pray.

20. There will be a record international investment with Nigerians, more so the country.

21. I saw like 4.25% increase on the national trade board in Nigeria, but this fell down again. This was when oil barrel or oil price reduced and then still fuel price was on the high.

22. Pray against another devaluation of the Naira.

23. I saw a so called clergy man been probed with sexual assault. I saw the person moving across Lagos, Nigeria. Then he attempted leaving subtly but then the media took it up (Name witheld). Pray!

24. I saw principles revised in America, laws like abortion rights, free marriage, and religious freedom. Pray

25. The Lord showed me what seemed like a summary of the year. Let me relay it as a parable. The year will be like speed bumps, but if the body can pray, would be smoother.

26. I saw what seemed like a new wave of persecution against men of truth. I saw lawsuits, government orders against men who speak the truth, ministers and ministries in Nigerian and Africa. Pray.

27. I saw a rise in orders to censor people rights to speech and information. Pray.

28. The Lord showed me that many social media platforms will be reprimanded... like a new principle over structuring the media world. This would be done in order to control the flow of knowledge/information and by implication, power.

29. I saw America trying to make a deal with North Korea and China, but this will be stretched because underneath they were working against the agreement. Pray.

30. I saw China in an economical rift with America. Pray! 

32. Blacks in diaspora should pray, that there isn't a reversal that would affect their residency in various countries. Pray.

33. I saw fuel Price hitting close to 200 Naira per litre. Then I saw NLC and a name of a leader that sounds like Shehu or Sehu, voicing out and then proposed strikes.

34. Pray because I saw Buhari again traveling for medical leave. It wouldnt be announced as a medical leave. Pray!

35. I saw God granting young ministers a strange voice. Much energy and attention even internationally will be drawn to young ministers. 

36. The Lord showed me an eagle flying over the nations, and He told me the prophetic will be a major frontier of the move of God in the seasons been made manifest. Many doctrines, denominations, believers who stood against, and have skeptic ideas about the prophetic would be adjusted.

37. I saw strange Grace and speed coming upon The House Of Encounters, the Lord showed me a tent, with thousands of believers and men in attendance, and I saw light upon everyone, these lights were moving and when I looked further, I saw wings - they were spirits (Angels), massively orchestrating divine agendas.

38. If you can in year 2021, invest in agriculture. There will be massive incomes in agriculture. Although I saw dryness in the early months, and I saw plants growing and dying, heat and locusts killing plants. Pray!

39. I saw a strange height and progress in major ministries - RCCG, Omega Fire Ministries, Living Faith, and Remnant Christian Network

40. I saw Russia speaking of  a proposed vaccine for COVID. It looked like a small glass bottle, and a precipitate. This was early 2021.

I will release others as we proceed into the year. Prophecies are not for entertainment, but placement. That we war with them, and deliver desired realities.

41. I saw the Olympics committee giving an address on the possibility of moving the program.

42. Pray for Borno, Maiduguri, I saw attacks from insurgents against govenrnment. This happened first in March around 12th. If we can pray I saw it shifted. Howbeit, I saw a kidnap happening. Pray. 

43. I saw secrets revealing those hiding behind the curtains of Boko Haram, but this was quickly swept under the mat.

44. I saw what seemed like a rod and spear, like a scepter going through political offices, and the Spirit of God told me, this is my arm of Judgment. Pray!

45. The Lord gave me a direction for ministers, especially minstrels. He said in this year, honour those before you. Because of the focus the Lord is placing upon young ministers, there will be a very heightened level of unrest in the Spirit. Howbeit, if humility and honour is not a watchword, many would only witness this happening around them but not with them.

46. I saw Nigerian Senate drawing up bills on social media regulation. Pray!

47. I saw another uprising on The #EndSars situation that happened in Lagos, Nigeria.

48. Pray for Malawi's government. I saw something like a rift with South Africa over Prophet Bushiri. But Major 1 stands tall.

49. I saw Baba Adeboye on the alter making an announcemt that the media would carry. It would be a breaking news (Information witheld).

50. I saw an American Preacher infected with a virus and became ill. Pray!

51. I saw a bank merging, and I saw struggles with Heritage Bank. Pray. 

52. I saw a blackout in the Spirit in Nigeria. This was of two kinds - a day when there will be electrical blackout (this was like the 3rd day of the week), then I saw a day Nigeria would remember and celebrate a sad day in Nigerian history. Pray. 





30th November, 2020